Dripping Wet
  25th September 2019

After a sensual bath that leaves them both dripping wet, Anton Marceau and Justin Stone head to the living room where they immediately start making out. Justin devours and deep throats Anton's huge, thick, black cock and can't seem to get enough of that BBC! The skinny little white boy soon throws his legs up in the air. Anton, never one to refuse a smooth hole, makes a meal out of the tender, pink morsel. Once Justin is pumped and primed, Anton slides home, bareback fucking the twink with his raw cock. It's a steady, balls deep fuck that makes Justin cry out louder and louder as Anton pounds harder. Sadly, like this scene, all good things must come to an end. Anton pulls out of Justin to spew a copious amount of freshly churned jizz, all over the pale ass. Justin follows with a big load of his own. And after all that? They're dripping again, only this time, with sweat! Now they'll have to take another bath and probably end up starting the whole thing all over again!

Fucked and Seeded
  26th August 2019

Justin fucked bareback and seeded by big daddy cock.

Suck On THAT!
  19th August 2019

Terrifically nasty and deliciously horny, Justin Stone sucks a big dick.

POV Cum Shot
  12th August 2019

If you had your tongue here right now, rimming Justin to the point of cumming, this would be your point-of-view. Isn't it lovely?

Fucked Like A Dog
  5th August 2019

Justin Stone fucked raw, on all fours, like a dog

Tease That Hungry Hole
  29th July 2019

Ever horny and in need of getting his ass worked over, Justin fucks himself and teases his hungry hole.

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